VARTA Micro Innovation GmbH (VMI), with registered office in Graz (AUT), is a R&D company in the area of electrochemical energy storage systems, initially founded in 2009 as joint venture between the battery manufacturer VARTA Microbattery (Ellwangen, DE) and Graz University of Technology (AUT). Within VARTA Micro Innovation both, the industrial fabrication know how from VARTA Microbattery and the basic research know how from Graz University of Technology for various electrochemical energy storage systems are merged together. This unique configuration enables VARTA Micro Innovation to perform a fast transfer of newly developed technologies into production state. The R&D activities of VMI are divided in three main research areas:

  • Lithium Power - Improvement of specific energy

  • Heat Power – Enlargement of the temperature operation range

  • Rapid Power – Improvement of the rate capability

VARTA Micro Innovation is highly experienced in research, reverse engineering and ordered analysis in the area of lifetime prediction and reliability of Li-Ion Batteries for different application fields (e.g. EV, storage etc.). VARTA Micro Innovation has also many years of experience in working with high capacity negative electrode materials for lithium ion batteries.


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